Policy makers and regulators have been active promotors of maritime cultural heritage in Ireland since the 1990s. In contrast, dynamic engagement by the development sector with the principals behind such policies is a very recent phenomenon. Exploring the cultural heritage of Dublin Bay and the narratives of development and change that are retained on its shores and on its seabed, this lecture reflects on the present situation and considers whether we are experiencing a new era where maritime cultural heritage will continue to evolve alongside the social and cultural development of the city and its wider region.

A lecture by Dr Niall Brady (Archaeological Diving Company) organised by Trinity Centre for Environmental History in association with the School of History and Humanities. Lecture will take place

Date & Time Tuesday, 5 March 2019, 6 – 8pm

VenueTrinity Long Room Hub

An Awakening. Maritime Cultural Heritage in 21st-Century Ireland: the Case of Dublin and its Bay