On behalf of Heritage Director Lar Joye and Special Projects Director Jim Kelleher, ADCO is delighted to have led the heritage team appointed by Dublin Port Company through RPS Consulting Engineers to prepare the Dublin Port Heritage Conservation Strategy, which was launched on 30 April 2024 by Minister Malcolm Noonan at Dublin Port Company, with a keynote address by Caitriona Crowe, former Head of Special Projects at the National Archives of Ireland.

The Conservation Strategy is a landmark publication that provides a road map for the management of Dublin Port’s cultural heritage at a time when we are keenly aware of pressures from climate change as well as from development. Presented over six chapters, the Conservation Strategy summarises the development of the Port from earliest times; considers the significance of the port area as a maritime industrial cultural landscape integrally associated within the concept of Port-City; identifies the threats facing its significances; advances twelve policies for protecting and enhancing the elements of significance and making them available to the public where possible, and sets out a possible means of implementing the Conservation Strategy, ensuring that it is reviewed and remains current.

The strategy looks at the Port Estate, firstly as a discreet collection of archaeological and cultural heritage assets to be understood and protected; secondly as a heritage port landscape expressing Dublin City’s unique marine character; thirdly as a collection of extraordinary documentation, stories and memories to be protected, interpreted and remembered; fourthly, as a story of innovation and engineering excellence of international significance and, finally, as an ancient connection with water at the centre of Dublin City’s identity and an expression of Irish national pride.

Edited by Dr Niall Brady (ADCO), the principal authors are Niall Brady, Seán Ó Laoire (MOLA Architecture), Gráinne Shaffrey (Conservation Architect, Shaffrey Architects) and Chris Southgate (Conservation Engineer, Southgate Associates), with contributions from Dr Alan Barr (RPS), Kieran Fitzgerald (MOLA) and Dr Colin Rynne (UCC for Southgate Associates).

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