Education and Research

ADCO is committed to carrying out research initiatives to develop existing research questions and to develop the most effective equipment for working underwater, including research and development within the fields of archaeology, marine geophysics, and commercial diving.

In 2008, ADCO in collaboration with the Discovery Programme, Ireland’s archaeological research institute, won a coveted Irish National Strategic Archaeological Research (INSTAR) award, to look at the impact of development led archaeological work on Ireland’s coastal zone.

Littoral Archaeology Project

In 2009, ADCO won a Heritage Council (Ireland) grant to deploy a sector scan sonar on a range of underwater archaeological sites, to assess the effectiveness of this stationary sonar device that has been developed by the Oil and Gas industry to provide metrically-accurate detail, much like a laser-scanner works on land.

In 2015, a new archaeological and anthropological fieldschool began in Ireland, based at Ballintober Castle, Co. Roscommon. Castles in Communities is a joint venture between archaeologists and anthropologists in the US and Ireland, and from 2016 will be managed by ADCO as one in a series of fieldschool initiatives the company is developing on land and underwater.


ADCO is committed to publishing the results of its work in peer-reviewed open source venues.

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Public Service

Our staff are members of national and international committees, which we encourage as a means to engage further with research and development.

ADCO represents Ireland on the European-funded COST Oceans Past Platform, Action IS1403, which is a cross-platform network between the universities, the institutions and the private sector of marine professionals focused on global historic fishing experiences.

Oceans Past Platform