Commercial Diving

ADCO’s expertise in civils diving lies in our ability to carry out precision underwater work. We offer expert service to engineering companies and other clients, to carry out precise and intelligent underwater inspections and subsequent reporting. Our civils team comprises experienced commercial divers, diving engineers, and other specialist divers, offering unique capability to observe, record and survey built installations underwater, assess damage and scour, and record impacts and structural deteriorations and defects. As with all ADCO work, we expect and ensure the highest quality of work and product delivery.

In addition, members of our dive-team have worked closely with ESBI to develop capability in the inspection and underwater repair of subsea electricity cables. These ADCO specialists are certified saturation divers who are capable of working at depths of up to 400m+ to carry out such work.

ADCO has a comprehensive range of marine equipment at its disposal that includes: surface supplied diving spreads, specialist survey and inspection apparatus, ROV, HD quality video systems with specialist low-light cameras, and seabed excavation equipment comprising airlifts, water-dredges, low/high-pressure water jets, and cable-embedding sleds.

ADCO Commercial Diver

Our commercial diving services include:

  • Underwater Survey and Inspection
  • Structural Survey and Non-destructive Testing (Magnetic Particle Inspection and Ultrasonic Thickness Testing)
  • Expert inspection and reporting, supported by Diving Engineers
  • Cathodic Protection Survey and Assessment
  • Geotechnical Survey and Investigation
  • Sub-surface Sampling
  • Seabed Mapping
  • Sector-scan Sonar Survey
  • Bridge and Dam Inspections
  • Submarine Cable-lay and Pipeline Support
  • Underwater Repair of Subsea Cables
  • Seabed Trenching
  • ROV Inspections
  • Seabed Installation Work
  • Marine Salvage
  • DTM and Differential GPS Surveys
  • Research and Development Diving