The RURALIA XII conference will take place in Kilkenny, 11-15 September, and we wish to advise you of the details in the event that you will find it of interest.

RURALIA is an international association of scholars who are committed to studying the development of the medieval and early modern countryside across Europe. The association meets every two years, and will gather at Newpark Hotel to celebrate its twelfth conference in September. The conference theme is ‘Transitions and Transformations in the Medieval and Early Modern Countryside’, and some 75 delegates from across Europe, including Ireland, will present a full gallery of lectures and poster presentations over the five main days of the conference.

You can read over the conference programme at the following link:

The conference is open to all and is sponsored by a host of institutions including the Heritage Council and ADCO. Attendance fees are €35 for one day, and €100 for one to five days. The attendance fee includes a conference programme and tea/coffee on the day/s of attendance. Lunch, dinner and accommodation are not included in the fee but the hotel has ample opportunities for you to dine and reside in their facilities.

If you would like further information, please contact Niall Brady, RURALIA’s National Representative for Ireland, and principal organizer of the 2017 event:


Kilkenny (Ireland)
11th – 17th September 2017